Actress / voice over


I love acting. My movie credits include "Dukes of Hazzard", "The Nice Guys", "Flag of My Father and "Pitch Perfect 2" just to name a few. I also do voice over work the Florida Education Association, La. Farm Bureau, IT Technical College and several more. I'd love to be your voice if you have a need!



I want to tickle your taste buds and touch your heart. I'm a passionate baker and passionate about my faith in God. Want to open up my own bakery/cafe called "Taste of Tallulah"!


I'm a TV News Anchor and reporter. I also co-host the CCM Radio Magazine for Salem Music Network and do weekend overnights for the network, including, 94FM the Fish Nashville. I contribute to LaRider, a motorcycle magazine show. I'm also a baker and weekend warrior in the kitchen!